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Therapeutic Foster Parents Needed!

Therapeutic Foster Parents are urgently needed in the Flagstaff area. To find out more about our Therapeutic Foster Care Program (Home2Home), please click here.

Mental Health Support Services In Arizona

Mental Health SupportWe help people across the state of Arizona increase their emotional health, improve relationships, and address challenging behavior struggles.

Many come to our site looking for answers to challenging questions or concerns they are facing. Sometimes those concerns are about a child, teen or young adult family member. Sometimes they are about their relationship as a couple. And sometimes they are personal, individual concerns. We have gathered a collection of tools and resources to help with many of life’s complex challenges.

Take a look at some of the common worries and questions we’ve assembled from people we work with. Perhaps one or more sound familiar. This website provides the most helpful information we know of regarding many of these common struggles. We hope you find content that makes a positive difference in your life and that you will help share your wisdom and experience with others who may be struggling.

CFSS- Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support Services For You and Your Family

You may be looking for something different from an agency that helps with relationships, emotional and mental health issues. The thought of sitting on a sofa, telling a stranger intimate details about your personal life isn’t an enjoyable activity for most people. And it may not be the most helpful way to go about helping someone who is facing relationship, emotional or behavior struggles.

And we agree. A company that helps with emotional and behavioral health should be positive and supportive. They should be available when you need it most, easy to access, and should consider you an equal partner on the path to feeling better. Please take a look at our approach to helping others. We hope you will find it refreshingly and positively unique.

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