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Type of Service
Common Challenges or Concerns
Concerns About a Child, Teen or Young Adult
  • I'm worried about the behavior of my child or teen. If something doesn't change soon, I fear things will get more serious
  • We are nearly out of hope and do not know where to turn for help with our teen's struggles with substance addiction, aggression, depression, or other mental health challenges
  • I cannot get my teen to do what I need him or her to do without using force or significant consequences, and even then he/she sometimes ignores me. What can I do to get back in a position of influence with my teen?
  • My child has experienced bullying and we need to figure out how to help
  • I'd like my child/teen to find positive things to do with his/her time so he/she has something to be proud of and help build a feeling of worth
  • I fear my child is being spoiled, and I'd like to figure out how to avoid spoiling him without being too harsh
  • My daughter struggles to tell the truth about basic things, so I never know whether to believe her. How can we help her be truthful with us?
  • My child struggles in school academically, behaviorally or socially, and I'm not sure how to help things get back on track
  • We would like to help our child(ren) adjust as well as possible to a divorce, separation or other loss
  • Someone important in my life is addicted to video games and I feel they are wasting away all their time and potential. Is there anything that can help?
  • My child will not get out of bed to do anything he is supposed to do. How can I get him to get up and moving?
  • I know something is bothering my child, but she says everything is fine. Should I be worried?
Concerns About Couples Relationships
  • How can I say difficult things to my spouse or partner without offending him/her?
  • My significant other spends all his time hanging out with friends but never with me
  • We are struggling financially and need help figuring out how to get along better in our financial relationship
  • We need help as a couple remembering some of the reason we fell in love in the first place and rekindling that relationship
  • We are looking for counseling to help improve our relationship as a couple
  • My significant other and I are considering divorce or separation and need to decide how to proceed
  • My partner and I are considering a long-term relationship, but want to make sure we think of and do the things that will help us make the best decisions and preparations
  • Sexual issues are coming between my partner and myself, and we would like help sorting it out
  • Our relationship as a couple has been damaged by an affair, and we would like to find a way forward
Concerns About Individual Matters
  • Life just seems to lack direction and meaning, and I would like to figure out where I am heading
  • I need help overcoming an addiction or compulsion
  • People tell me I need counseling, and I would like to figure out why
  • I need help controlling my anger
  • I am involved in a child custody situation and need to figure out how to make it work for everyone involved
  • I would like to pursue a goal, hobby or creative venture and need help getting clear about it and staying on track
  • I am having trouble keeping a job, making friends, or doing other important parts of my life because of some of the emotional or mental health struggles that I face
  • I need to do something very difficult, like cutting off a harmful relationship or setting some boundaries with other adults, and I need help figuring out how to go about it effectively
  • I want to learn more about being the best parent I can be to my children
  • My work-life balance need some serious help. I need help figuring out how to manage pressure and stress so I can be more productive and well-rounded
  • I or someone I love has suffered very traumatic events in the past (abuse, abandonment, other forms of violence or trauma) and we could use help finding a way to keep it from interfering with everyday activities today
  • Losing a close loved one has left me or someone I love feeling extremely empty for a prolonged period of time and we are looking for a way to handle the loss and start feeling better
  • Someone I used to trust has betrayed me, and I need to figure out what to do about it and whether trust can ever be restored
  • I can't focus on anything unless it is extremely interesting to me or I have a strict deadline. How can I focus better?
  • I am so addicted to technology I can't go more than a few minutes without checking my phone or computer. I need help connecting to the real world again and creating a better relationship with technology
Concerns About Family Matters
  • The Department of Child Safety (DCS) is worried about the safety of my children and I need help figuring out what to do
  • One or more people in our family would like to lose weight or improve our physical health, but need help with the emotional and behavioral elements
  • My teen has friends that I feel are a very negative influence. What can I do about this, and is there any way to do it without making things worse?
  • I or someone I love has suffered very traumatic events in the past (abuse, abandonment, other forms of violence or trauma) and we could use help finding a way to keep it from interfering with everyday activities today
  • Someone in our family has attempted or talks about wanting to attempt suicide, and we need help knowing what to do about it
  • Our family is a blended family and we are having difficulty adjusting
Concerns About Other Topics
  • I have an extended family member or friend who is struggling with substance addiction and want to figure out how to help
  • I think one or more of my family members may benefit from prescription medication to help with emotional or behavioral struggles, and I want to figure out what to do about it
  • We would like some help, but hate the idea of seeing a counselor
  • I need help but do not want others in my family, friends, church or other social group to know about it
Funding Type
We try our best to make it possible to provide services to individuals regardless of funding type. We are a Medicaid / AHCCCS provider registered in many parts of the state. In addition, we take many other forms of payment such as sliding fee scales, some private insurances, health care exchange plans, and self payment. Sometimes, community organizations help pay for needed services, such as a church group or an employer. Complete a free consultation request (on the right side of your screen) and we will help figure out the funding source that best matches your situation.
Program Name
Self-Pay Services for Emotional, Relationship and Behavior Support Services
We accept private payment (by credit card) for behavioral health support services in most locations. You can pay online with a credit card or can leave a card on file with us to process the payment.We offer the following services through our Self-Pay Programs:
Meet Me Where I Am Home-Based Direct Support Services
Behavior support services in most parts of the state through the State of Arizona's Meet Me Where I Am Program.
Individualized Living Environments/ Emerald, Clarendon or Allen Supported Living Programs
Comprehensive Outpatient Behavioral Health Services
In the Prescott and Flagstaff areas, we are a provider for Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority (NARBHA) as a Responsible Agency (RA). This means we provide the full array of outpatient behavioral health services.
Department of Child Safety (DCS) Contract Services
We offer services to help support children who have been put into DCS facilities, including behavioral support services and behavior therapy for teens. We also help the parents who are striving to keep provide a better home environment. Our services work to support families and children and are offered in Maricopa, Pima, Coconino, Yavapai, Mohave, Pinal, Apache and Navajo counties:
  • DCS Parent Aid services
  • DCS In-home, reunification and family preservation services
  • Foster care placement