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What We Believe

Our Mission is to provide individuals, couples and families with flexible, individually-tailored support services to help meet the needs of family members in improving relationships, increasing emotional health, and in supporting positive behavior.

Our Vision is to work with families as our active partners. CFSS provides positive behavior support services that help children and families live lives full of hope, dignity, and fulfillment. We work together for a better tomorrow for the members of our community — one where they can do the things they love to do and enjoy having a respected, positive role in the community.

We value the dignity, independence and unique personal culture of every individual and family we serve. We believe that no matter how difficult a person’s past or present struggles, and no matter how long their journey toward healing and fulfillment, there is always hope. We deliver our supportive services in a timely manner and consistently seek to evaluate and improve our approaches.

Our Core Beliefs include:

  • People are the experts on their own lives.
  • All people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • All people have strengths, talents, abilities and preferences.
  • All people are capable of positive change and success.
  • We do not blame or criticize families or other helping professionals.

We specialize in providing supportive services for individuals and families with emotional behavioral or developmental struggle so they can live safely and successfully at home. Our services also focus on coordinating and helping provide the support needed to help individuals return from formal out-of-home service settings such as hospitals, residential treatment centers, group homes or detention centers back to their local communities. Our support is community-based not office-based. We work in family homes, schools, local community centers and other places that are the most natural setting because we believe this is where we can be the most successful. Rather than providing services only during traditional office hours, we work when and where families need us the most. This often includes working early mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays.